Notes and Pictures from JavaPolis 2005 – Part II

..Continued from Part I Thursday morning was opened with Stephan’s speech again, and continued with RAD Race results, into which 24 teams attended, and 19 of them were able to produce some sort of deliveable versions in just 12 hours. There were 3 distinct teams, honored as winners by jury. What was more interesting with […]

Notes and Pictures from JavaPolis 2005 – Part I

This year, I had a chance to attend JavaPolis 2005 in Antwerpen, Belgium with 3 of my colleagues. I want to provide day by day information about this year?s workouts, and other interesting happenings in my blog. This year?s activity had consisted mainly of University, Conference, BOF, Quicky sessions and lasted 5 days between 12th […]

Context Sensitive Help For Web Applications

Providing help topics relevant to current usage scenarios is a demanding requirement in today’s enterprise web applications. It is generally called as context sensitive help. Those help systems should automatically navigate to relevant help topics in help windows according to current business process, current web page, or currently focused component in those pages. There are […]