About Me

Kenan Sevindik, who graduated from METU Computer Engineering Department in 1999 and his acquaintance with Java dates back to 1998, has been actively working with Java technologies for more than 20 years. For this reason, unlike other educational institutions and trainers in the sector, he offers the knowledge and experience gained as a result of long experience in the fields of which he is really an expert and conveys only the experienced and refined knowledge to the participants that they can benefit in their projects.

He has been actively working with technologies such as Spring Application Framework, Spring (Acegi) Security Framework, Hibernate Persistence Framework since their initial releases. He has developed many different solutions related to these frameworks and shares his experiences and solutions with the users of these technologies in different environments. Object-oriented programming, design patterns, aspect-oriented programming, enterprise web applications, and security issues are among the subjects he has been closely interested in for many years.

Throughout his career, he has been involved in almost every phase of many projects developed with enterprise Java technologies. He currently provides coaching and consultancy services to various institutions and organizations. He has Java Programmer, Web Component Developer, Business Component Developer, and Vaadin UI Framework Developer certificates regarding Java technologies.

Kenan Sevindik, one of the authors of the book Beginning Spring published by Wiley Publishing in 2015, has been sharing his experience with software developers as a speaker and writer in various organizations and seminars for many years.