Moving FilterInvocation Definitions out of XML Files in Acegi

SpringSource has recently announced that they renamed Acegi Security as Spring Security, and are preparing for a major release which will be called as 2.0. Actually its first milestone release is already available for download. According to Ben Alex, there are various enhancements to bean configurations and new features introduced such as hierarchical roles etc. […]

Developing A LogHandler To Monitor Access To Web Services in Axis

We need to monitor access (from where, who etc.) to our web services, trace incoming and outgoing message contents for auditing purposes. It is better to separate this task from web services themselves and let web service infratructure, which is Axis in our case, to handle this operation. In Axis, it is possible to develop […]

Dealing with SOAP Headers in Axis

After a long period, I just returned back to playing with Axis to develop web services. Axis 1.4 is a framework to create SOAP processing clients and servers. One of the issues I encountered during my web service development is dealing with SOAP headers. You can use SOAP header elements to send application specific information […]

Ivy Configurations

One of the nicest features of maven is its ability to specify some dependencies as compile time only, and they won’t be included at runtime, because they are already provided by target web container. Here is an example of it; <dependency>     <groupId>javax.servlet</groupId>     <artifactId>servlet-api</artifactId>     <version>2.4</version>     <scope>provided</scope> </dependency> But that’s it! I don’t […]