Acegi-JSF 1.1.3 is released

It was over one year ago that Çağatay developed some JSF components which correspond to Acegi JSP taglib. We were in the same project at that time, and were using Acegi Security Framework extensively. Later, our ways were separated and we focused on different tasks. Recently, I started work on a new project to enable […]

Experiences with JSR-170 and Alfresco, Part I

Nowadays, I have found chance to read about Java Content Repository API specification aka JSR-170 and play with Alfreco which is a nice implementation of it. More specifically I have focused on developing a wiki model using content repository constructs available in the Alfresco. It is obvious that contents which are hierarchical in nature, eg. […]

Acegi Security Extensions Project

Acegi Security Framework for Spring is a highly popular enterprise security framework for web applications. It provides lots of authentication and authorization features in very high quality. With the use of Acegi , it is now a practical reality to be able to add security features in your system from ground up without any difficulty. […]

Wiring a Bean with BeanReferenceFactoryBean

For some reason or other you may have more than one bean definition with same type configured in you application context, and you may want to use only one of them based on some condition or configuration option. For example, I have two PlatformTransactionManager beans configured in my application context. <bean id=”jdbcTransactionManager” class=”org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.DataSourceTransactionManager”>      <property […]