Providing Tooltip Help Messages Dynamically Using Ajax Functionality

This is actually part of context sensitive help requirements in our web application project. We should be able to provide small informative messages for html components displaying them as tooltips in our web pages when user moves mouse over those components. It is also in the requirements that continiously appearing tooltip message windows in those […]

A Hybrid SessionFactoryBean

LocalSessionFactoryBean is a nice way to create and initialize a Hibernate SessionFactory instance in applications. It lets us to configure other objects and properties, such as DataSource, and other hibernate properties that SessionFactory instance depends during initialization inside Spring?s context mechanism. We can easily configure other parts of our application, that are related with SessionFactory […]

Enabling SSL with Client Authentication in Tomcat

It is very common to enable SSL only with server authentication, because it is required from SSL specification. However, it is not so common to activate client authentication as it is optional. Enabling SSL is a server dependent process. I first give a rough overview of this process step by step and then explain each […]

Delegating Authentication to JAAS Module in Acegi Security

We are currently using Acegi Security in our web project. At the moment we employ its form based authentication. In the future, we have to integrate our web application with an environment, in which JAAS based single sign on mechanism will be used for authentication. For this moment, as a first step, we tried to […]