Approaches to Integrate Web and Swing Applications

It was about 8 or 9 years ago when many enterprise applications were being developed using Swing for their presentation layer, and web start was the common tool to distribute and run those applications from a central location. Among the reasons for preferring Swing as UI technology, rich and complex UI requirements were the most […]

My applet is signed, but I am still getting AccessControlExceptions!

We are currently developing a solution that integrates applets and web applications together. Our solution includes a mechanism to notify applets when a user switch from a web page to a page that contains applet. We provide this with invoking explicitly a method in applet via javascript when the page is loaded. You may here […]

Applet Life Cycle Issues in Internet Explorer

In previous blog entry, I had just mentioned about our server side context sharing mechanism between an applet and an web pages in our GIS enabled project. Users will try to accomplish their scenarios by using those two views. Obviously there will be switches many times between them during execution of any use case. Simply, […]

Context Sharing Between Applet and Web Application

In our project we need to provide some supporting GIS functionality via an Applet GUI to our web based CRUD operations. Users, for example, may populate search criteria, entering input both from web interface, like name pattern, date range etc., and from Applet GUI, like selecting a specific region in a map, and then execute […]