Error while generating JAXB Classes from XSD File

You may get following error when you try to generate JAXB classes from your XSD files within Eclipse IDE. Error: Could not find or load main class com.sun.tools.internal.xjc.XJCFacade The reason for this error is that you have configured Eclipse to use JRE instead of JDK. If you add a JDK through Window>Preferences>Java>Installed JREs, and select […]

If Your Eclipse Hangs…

Recently, my STS installation started to freeze during “initializing java/spring tooling” step. As a first attempt, I suspended all validations from window>preferences>validation, however it didn’t help much. Whenever you experience a hang or freeze in your Eclipse installation, it is always a good habit to look inside of .metadata/.log file in Eclipse workspace folder. Most […]

Running Eclipse Ganymede in Ubuntu Karmic Koala

I wouldn’t guess it would be that hard to install Eclipse 3.4.2 ganymede in ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala. After searching a bit around web I concluded that it was not the way to go with sudo apt-get install eclipse this time. Then I downloaded 3.4.2 from eclipse site, extracted it and started playing with it. […]