Feature Interaction Problems and Spring Security

Feature interaction problem is something that features work smoothly and without any problem in your system individually; however, problems arise with those features when you bring them together. Bertrand Meyer has recently published his thoughts about the topic as well. While reading on it, I’ve come to realize that Spring Security has several similar issues […]

What is the difference between Strategy and Template Method patterns…, if there is any?

In our Spring book, we discuss about transaction management mechanisms available in the Spring Framework, namely declarative and programmatic transactions. It is further explained inside programmatic transaction demarcation section, that how programmatic transaction can be achieved using different methods. One of the ways programmatic transaction can be achieved is, using TransactionTemplate utility class provided by […]

Finding Winning Matchups in Tennis and Software Development Teams

I can say that tennis is a life style for me. Watching and playing it for hours are really enjoyable activities. I try to improve my game by modelling tennis pros, taking their approaches to games as reference. I have just finished reading a book about tennis strategies, written by Glenn Sheiner. In this book, […]

Deployment Driven Development

I had almost forgotten this type of software development after I have started using lightweight J2EE technologies, like Spring, and Hibernate. Recently, however, I had to involve with a project, some part of it depends on EJBs! What is worse is that they were EJB 2.1. After trying mock approach with mockejb and playing with […]