Clean Up Your ThreadLocals

Forgetting to clean up ThreadLocal variables might really hurt you. Let’s see how. I have several integration tests with Spring WebFlow and JSF and in one of them I have an setUp method like that: @Before public void setUp() {      RequestContextHolder.setRequestContext(new MockRequestContext()); } I just create a MockRequestContext and put it into RequestContextHolder so […]

How to Detect JDBC Connection Leakages with C3P0

First of all I must say that, the whole credit for discovering this feature goes to my collegue İlker Çelik. In a big codebase with lots of 3rd party libraries and frameworks interacting with JDBC connections it might be difficult to trap JDBC connection leakages, that is open connections left in application. C3P0 connection pool […]

Running Eclipse Ganymede in Ubuntu Karmic Koala

I wouldn’t guess it would be that hard to install Eclipse 3.4.2 ganymede in ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala. After searching a bit around web I concluded that it was not the way to go with sudo apt-get install eclipse this time. Then I downloaded 3.4.2 from eclipse site, extracted it and started playing with it. […]