Run all TestNG tests with just one click inside Eclipse

It is a little bit annoying if you have looked around in eclipse and tried to find a short cut to run all of your tests using TestNG with one mouse click. One way of running TestNG tests is with creating a testng.xml file and defining tests in it. There are several options to define and group tests in this file, in addition to including, excluding them. TestNG documentation has a good overview about what can be done using testng.xml. Basically, you define test elements consisting of individual methods, classes and packages. During development process, you continually introduce new methods, test classes, delete or rename them and so on, and simply don’t want to bother with keeping this xml up to date. Unfortunately, their documentation doesn’t mention about how to achieve this, or I haven’t been able to find it. Anyway, it is very simple. Instead of placing a full package name, just put a higher package name which spans all of your tests with an asterisk at the end. For example,

<suite name="PortalCoreSuite" verbose="1">
 <test name="AllTests">
 <package name="com.ontometrics.*" />


That’s all. From now on, you will be able to just click on that testng.xml and run it inside eclipse. All tests under com.ontometrics.* packages will be run.

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