Ivy: Agile Dependency Management Tool

In my opinion Ivy is the best dependency management tool compared to others in the field. Unfortunately, good things don’t always receive enough interest they deserve from developer community. Ivy shares the same destiny in this respect. I have been using Ivy together with Ant to build Java projects for more than 2 years, and […]

Switching Application Required System Properties According to Deployment Environment

Any serious application depends on a number of configuration properties, such as JDBC connection properties, caching properties etc. They should change according to target deployment environment. People employ different methods to take those properties outside their web applications. Among them, one commonly used method is to create a properties file and collect any property, whose […]

Managing Dependencies With Ant

Every non-trivial java application have many dependencies on other resources, especially jar files. We have to keep track of which jars we are making use of, and their versions as the project develops. Systems may have several releases during their development life cycle, and among those releases, dependency lists may change, new jars may be […]