Extending XDoclet Hibernate Module

As you may know, bag collection type of Hibernate contains its elements unordered and unindexed as well as multiple copies of one element instance in it. Java Collection Framework does not have  a bag concept already, so we utilize available List type to implement bag semantics in Java, although List keeps its elements ordered. From […]

Uncaught Exception Handling in Java Server Faces

First comes a little flashback on how we can deal with uncaught exceptions in web applications. As you probably know, there exists a general exception/error trapping mechanism for servlet/jsp based web applications. We simply add error-page definitions in web.xml file for uncaught exceptions or http status codes to show users custom error pages instead of […]

Extending XDoclet Spring Module

XDoclet is a wonderful tool, and we extensively make use of it in our current project to generate Hibernate and Spring configuration files. Our aim is to maintain no configuration file apart from our source code. XDoclet’s help is great in achieving this, but sometimes it requires modifications to keep up with that mission. We […]

Experiences with Audit Logging through Hibernate Interceptor

In  our current project, we make use of Hibernate Interceptor in order to perform auditing to track operations performed with our domain objects. We at first simply followed instructions in Hibernate In Action book. Basically,  steps are as follows; Declare an Auditable interface, and methods in it for what kind of information you want to […]